JWCF and Chemo Companions

Chemo Companions ensures companionship for people as they go through chemo treatments in Arizona. This group also gives gifts to the patients that they befriend. JWCF donated sunscreen to the patients.

 Alyssa Dinowitz, Founder, Chemo Companions:

Alyssa’s mother, Marriann Gofonia, passed away in September of 2009 after beating breast cancer four times. During her many rounds of chemotherapy treatments, the Gofonia girls (there are five, each as spunky and spirited as their mother) would all but turn the chemo lounge into a party hall with laughter, jokes, hugs and love – and something interesting would happen there. Smiles would suddenly fill this typically gloomy room with warmth, joy and light. Realizing that not everyone has this kind of resource, Alyssa (also the founder of Chewylou Designs, a custom tee-shirt company and Athletes Yoga, a company specializing in injury prevention and rehabilitation for athletes) created Chemo Companions.

Chemo Companions provides companionship through a network of trained volunteers who bring comfort, conversation, laughter and nourishing essentials to the chemo lounge. Our mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of those undergoing cancer treatments by offering friendship and emotional support. The guiding forces behind Chemo Companions are love, compassion, understanding and hope.


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  1. A little hummingbird just came to my office window and asked me “Do you believe what my girls are doing to encourage and embrace all my fellow cancer friends?.I softly replied,”What do you expect,they ARE your girls”.

    May God bless you for all your kindness,keep up the good work.

    Lots of Love,

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