Reel Recovery Retreats – Michigan, Arkansas and Idaho

JWCF sent 15 male cancer survivors to these 3 retreats at no charge to the participants.

Idaho Retreat

“I just wanted to say that your program did so much for my dad (Joe B). He has been living with cancer for so long now and for the past 15 years this is only the 2nd time he has left my mom’s side over night, for he is her care provider. He has always been an inspiration to me and an incredible role model. I was so happy he was able to do something for himself. This was the first time he really had a chance to talk about his cancer with others that can truly relate. He had such a great experience he still has not come down from it. Dad took a lot away from the experience and I bet he left something for others. Thank you so much for making this happen for him.”

 Susan, Participant’s Daughter (Joe B.)

Joe B. - Retreat Participant

 Click on the links below for more info.

 JWCF Report MI

JWCF Report AR  

JWCF Report ID

Click Here to Watch the Reel Recovery Video

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Learn More about Jordan Romero in the new book “The Boy Who Conquered Everest”

Katherine Blanc with Jordan Romero

Jordan Romero was a regular 9 year old boy. He loved BMX biking, listening to music, hanging out with his friends and family, participating in school activities, and studying nature and reptiles. So why would he want to climb the world’s tallest mountains?

Click here to learn more.

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More Info. About the Wood Racquet Classic Event

Click here for more info.

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JWCF Supports Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, CA – Prostate Health Seminar and Free PSA Testing September 16, 2010

Click Here to Read Prostate Testing Flyer

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Personal Note from Military Transition Team DUKE


Please see the picture of the “certificate of appreciation” we made for all of you at Team Duke and the John Wayne Cancer Foundation.  All of you at Team Duke were incredibly generous and this is the least we could do to show our appreciation.

Whenever a person or company does something to help members of the military, it is customary to return the favor with a personalized “certificate of appreciation”; for the exceptional support that Team Duke provided all of us on Military Transition Team Duke, we wanted to do something extra. 


First off, let me provide you a brief explanation of our organization and what our mission was while we were deployed to Iraq.  We were an 11-man team, composed of U.S. Army officers and sergeants from across the 50 States, sent to Iraq to serve as military advisers to the local Iraqi Security Forces.  The assignment is known as a Military Transition Team, or MiTT, and is one of the cornerstones in the strategy of handing security over to the Iraqi Security Forces and establishing a free and democratic Iraq.  During our 12 months in Iraq, we spent four months partnered with the 41st Iraqi Army Brigade, located in Iraq’s eastern-most province, Maysan, which is commonly considered the location of the Biblical Garden of Eden.  The remaining eight months were spent with the 2nd Iraqi Marine Battalion, located in southern Iraq, who were responsible for the security of Iraq’s most strategic deep water port, Umm Qasr. 

It is typical for MiTTs to assign a name to their team, and being John Wayne fans, we chose the name “Team Duke”.  When we learned of Team Duke of the John Wayne Cancer Foundation and what Team Duke stands for, it added a whole new level of significance to our new team name….The other patch you see on the right hand side is of the U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division, known as the “Big Red One”.  The Big Red One has a storied history and was the unit responsible for assembling, training, and supporting us while deployed.  The circular patch on the bottom is the unit patch of the 2nd Iraqi Marine Battalion, which was given to us in exchange for a “Duke” patch.  The Arabic writing on the top of the patch literally translates to Infantry Maritime Iraqi, which means “Iraqi Marines”.  The Arabic writing on the bottom translates to “Leaders of the forces of freedom”.  Lastly, above them all is the American flag, printed in the subdued colors which every U.S. Army soldier wears on their right shoulder while deployed.  These items collectively symbolize our deployment and knowing that Team Duke was behind us, we wanted to present them to you along with the certificate of appreciation.

Before we left Iraq, we held a fundraiser and 10K run to raise money for the John Wayne Cancer Foundation, and you can find our team page here:

Also, we used the t-shirts you sent us as part of our workout uniform, which was a life-saver in the up to 130 degree Iraqi heat….I can’t say enough how much your kindness and generosity meant to us; thanks again!

Some of us are running the Army Ten-Miler race in Washington D.C on October 24th (


All of us on Military Transition Team Duke

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Reel Recovery – New Video

Click here to watch the video.

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Chase Wilson ASP Pro in his Children’s Healing Art Project Cap by Artist John

Chase wearing his cap designed and hand painted by child Artist and cancer patient John

Detail view of cap

JWCF would like to thank Chase and John for supporting each other on this project. This is the healing power of art and sport.

Chase’s Bio Info.:

NHHS graduated in 2009 -NHHSSurf team 2008 & 2009 all league champion

 2007  ISF State champions

Pac Sun USA Surf team member – 2008, 2009 -finished 11th in worlds (18 and under)

Attends UCSB

ASP Pro Junior Circuit – 2010 ranked 8th

Sponsors: Billabong, Surfside Sports, Dakine, Arnette, Bear Flag Fish Co.

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Slide Show – The 3rd Annual Arizona Myeloma Network Ft Defiance Cancer Awareness Conference

The 3rd Annual AzMN Ft Defiance Cancer Awareness Conference was a tremendous success this past June. We had more than 330 participants and lots of interest in the various speakers and workshops. We are now starting to plan for next year. Slides from this years conference are now available at

Click here for more info. about the conference.

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Thanks to Paul Frank and Clif Bar

Thank you Paul Frank for donating wristbands, stickers and buttons to Chemo Companion’s patient gift bags.

Thank you Clif Bar for donating Luna Bars to Chemo Companion’s gift bags.

Click here for more info. about Chemo Companions.

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Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) Update


This is a mid-year update on the 2010 grant.    

The Kiteboarding 4 Cancer event and JWCF partner to raise funds for the Children’s Healing Art Project. We have been supporting CHAP for 2 years and are excited to start our 3rd year of support in 2011.    


The CHAP Animation Camp continues to grow in breadth and depth and is one of CHAP’s most popular offerings. KB4C and JWCF were an original funder of this project and are helping it expand by making it possible for CHAP to hire additional staff and purchase equipment such as a computer and camera. Thank you for helping to bring this important story-telling platform to life!    

CHAP Artists decorating Team DUKE jerseys and creating characters

The partnership between CHAP, KB4C and JWCF’s Team DUKE is allowing child cancer patients to step back into the world of sports both physically and emotionally.    



Team Newport Beach Rider Connor, CHAP jersey by Gautam

Team Newport Beach - Congratulations Finishing 2nd Place Overall 2010 Season!

Team Newport rider Leila dedicates her race to CHAP artist Nicole and her family

 Special Thanks to the So Cal Interscholastic Cycling League for partnering with JWCF and the team on this project.    

Jordan Romero with his CHAP Team DUKE summit flag - Mt. Everest Base Camp


Click here to visit Jordan’s website

Newport Harbor Surf Team - They surfed in honor of their families and the CHAP artists who made board stickers for them

Newport Harbor High School Surf Team Riders- Board stickers by CHAP artists

TEAM SEALs - 4 kiteboarders and Team Artist and Captain Derek Seals (far right)

 TEAM SEALs with Derek Seals brought the face of a child battling cancer to the public at the KB4C event. 

Click here to see more photos! 

We will inspire each other to reach for something higher, brighter, and bigger for the children we serve.

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